Sue’s singing has inspired adults and children for over 30 years. As a choral director, song leader, teacher, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and award-winning recording artist, Sue believes in the power of song in building community.

Rising Voices Chorus

As Music Director of the chorus in New York City, Sue is thrilled to be able to support a community of cancer survivors and patients who understand the healing power of music.

 Vocal Workshops

Well-known for the workshops she has offered at several summer traditional music programs, Sue demonstrates ease and skill at bringing voices together in joyful song and has students coming back for more.

Augusta Heritage Center, WV (
Country Song and Dance Society, MA (
Common Ground-on-the-Hill, MD (

A collector of songs from around the world, Sue has also presented during Sister City visits to Leon, Nicaragua and Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Threshold Choir

Sue is the Director of Music for the Threshold Choir of New York City. This women’s choir offers bedside singing for seriously ill patients and hospice patients. (See for information about the national organization.) The New York City singers are currently singing at three hospitals. Contact Sue for information about the New York choir.

Singing With Children

With a graduate degree in Education, Sue’s teaching career has touched many children through various channels, including:
– classroom music teaching
– teaching-artist residencies
– teacher training through Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts and other professional organizations