Click here for “La Paloma”, Puerto Rican lullaby

You may be looking for something to do this summer that’s out of the ordinary. How about a summer camp for adults (actually, all ages)? With music of all kinds and lots of great people to meet from all over? Here are some suggestions of some music programs; one where I will be teaching, and others where I have been a student and a teacher in the past.

This summer I’ll be teaching at Common Ground on the Hill in Westminster, MD. Check the website (see “Favorite Websites” here on the right) and go to the info about Week 2 (July 11-15).

I’ll be teaching two classes:
“World Cruise” -Stretch your vocal horizons with rhythms and harmonies from around the world.

“South African Songs of Protest and Praise”:
We will immerse ourselves in the polyrhythms and rewarding harmonies of these songs of celebration and of speaking to power.

Common Ground is located on the campus of McDaniel College. There are lots of instrumental classes (guitar, banjo, harp, Irish drum…), singing classes, fine arts (painting, jewelry making…) and discussion of topics pertaining to peace and social justice. The Director, Walt Michael, gathers a staff who are the best in their field.

Other programs I recommend are Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia, and the Country Song and Dance Society‘s programs in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and West Virginia. At all of these programs I have really enjoyed the community and the comraderie that comes together during five music-filled days.